2020 Hindsight for #Grow21


2020 Hindsight for #Grow21

The head of a major ag input supplier wonders if farmers would’ve managed their acres any differently in 2020 had they known a fall rally was coming.

Brett Bruggeman is president of WinField United.

“If you look at some of the research that’s coming out, and if I listen to some of the input from our customer owners today, they would say if they knew beans were going to rally $4.50, what would they have done different. And I think that’s really the springboard that we’re trying to take for 2021.”

He tells Brownfield farmers need to think about the foundation of each acre.

“We’re in agronomic leadership (and) use the combination of talking about the agronomics and economics of that acre, and I think our best retail owners are sitting down with their growers and saying ‘tell me about the acre potential.’ Because not every acre is created equal.”

Bruggeman says those who lead with science and look at the total impact of inputs on every acre are going to be the most profitable.