Ohio Farm Bureau president is looking forward to a brighter year


Ohio Farm Bureau president is looking forward to a brighter year

When reflecting on 2020, Ohio Farm Bureau President Frank Burkett says he’s most proud of the organization’s ability to adapt in a challenging year.

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“I’m just incredibly proud of our members’ ability to adapt in a timely manner to the circumstances,” he says. “That’s exactly what we expect from farm bureau and agriculture across the state of Ohio—they always step up and deliver.

Burkett tells Brownfield he’s looking forward to a brighter 2021.

“I think all of us are looking forward to the pandemic hopefully becoming minimized,” he says. “We’re hopeful we can continue to minimize the consequences and restore to a normal economic time and lifestyle. We’re meant to be in relationships with each other and this has put a strain on relationships.”

He says priorities guiding the organization this year include…“We have work in the water quality area, meat processing, and we have especially a heavy lift in rural broadband,” he says.  “Rural broadband has been a priority issue for us for quite some time, but the recognition of importance of rural broadband has finally come to the forefront (because of the pandemic) so hopefully we can take some meaningful action and make some steps for improvement.”

Burkett was re-elected as president of the organization during the annual meeting.

“Hands down, it’s the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in my life,” he says. “When you look at farm bureau and the strength being the country farm bureau and the grassroots of the organization and when you look at their involvement, volunteer spirit, their commitment to their communities and commitment to their industry— it’s breathtaking.”

He says Ohio Farm Bureau members are incredible and it’s a privilege to represent them.  

Audio: Frank Burkett