Illinois Lieutenant Governor praises specialty crop growers


Illinois Lieutenant Governor praises specialty crop growers

Illinois Lieutenant Governor Juliana Stratton welcomed participants of the virtual Illinois Specialty Crops Conference today by thanking them for their continued contributions during the pandemic.

“The challenges have been great, but you did not falter. You worked incredibly hard to continue to produce great food. You adapted your businesses and you have been resilient, innovative and creative.”

Stratton shares the large impact that specialty growers have on the state.

“Illinois has more than 3,000 farms that grow specialty crops. They work more than 81,000 acres. Those acres produce more than $470 million in annual sales right here in Illinois.”

Stratton also thanks growers for contributing to the 337 farmers markets in Illinois, the third highest number in the country.

“Governor Pritzker and I are very proud of you and we will continue to do all we can to support ag here in Illinois.”

Comments by Juliana Stratton during the Illinois Specialty Crops Conference