Farmers concerned about regulations, safety net following the election


Farmers concerned about regulations, safety net following the election

Farmers are still concerned about some key policy issues following the election, according to the latest Purdue University/CME Group Ag Economy Barometer.

Purdue University’s Jim Mintert says farmers expressed concern about environmental regulations, higher income and estate taxes, farm income safety net, and support of the ethanol industry.

“Across the board, people are more concerned about all of those issues following the election than they were before,” he says.

The new administration has made it clear climate and environmental issues are a priority. Mintert says optimism about environmental regulations changed after the election.

“Between 77-83 percent of the people in our survey said they expected to see more restrictive environmental regulations applied to agriculture,” he says. “Before the election in October, only 41 percent felt that way.”

More than 70 percent of producers surveyed expect to see higher income and estate taxes, one-third of farmers say they expect the farm income safety net to weaken, and one-fourth of producers expect government support for the ethanol industry to weaken.

Mintert says the monthly national survey of 400 US agricultural producers will continue to ask about policy issues in the coming months to see if sentiment changes.

Audio: Jim Mintert