Sorghum industry has growth potential in NE


Sorghum industry has growth potential in NE

The executive vice president of the Nebraska Grain Sorghum Board says there’s growth potential for sorghum in the state and nationally.

Nate Blum tells Brownfield demand for the crop is outpacing current supply.

“The international demand alone for sorghum can accommodate about 10 times the production of sorghum in the United States last year,” Blum said. “That might be a challenge for some of our buyers and brokers, but that means good news for the farmers.”

And he said sorghum has a premium market in the U.S. as a health product.

Blum says the high demand for the crop and its hardiness in dry weather make it a great option for farmers to add to their crop rotations.

“I don’t know anybody who has a stock portfolio and only carries two stocks, right,” he said. “So, if I’m farming, I don’t know why I would only grow two crops, it just doesn’t make sense. You want to have another option in there to diversify your operation.”

Blum said Nebraska is positioned to become a hub for the crop because of its geography making it a central location for shipments around the U.S.