Meteorologist: dry conditions will likely continue


Meteorologist: dry conditions will likely continue

Brownfield Meteorologist Greg Soulje says with the exception of the Dakotas, the uppermost Midwest, and western Great Lakes, it has been a mild winter so far.

But, he says dryness and drought are a concern.

“Despite a weather system or two that have made their way through the central and southern plains, it is dryness and drought and I think that will continue to be the story here through the balance of wintertime.”

Soulje says he thinks dry conditions could continue into the growing season.

“Going forward, even well into the growing season or as wheat begins to break dormancy outside of that occasional weather system, this is probably a continuation of a multi-month, if not year and beyond dryness and drought pattern that continues on,” he says.

He says La Nina weather conditions may weaken in late winter, resulting in a more active weather pattern.