New dietary guidelines get mixed reviews


New dietary guidelines get mixed reviews

The new Dietary Guidelines for Americans released by the USDA and the Department of Health and Human Services is getting mixed reviews. 

NCBA President Marty Smith says no other protein food delivers the same nutrient-rich package as beef, which is a good source of ten essential nutrients including high quality protein, iron, zinc, and choline.

Alan Bjerga with the National Milk Producers Federation tells Brownfield not much has changed since 2015, but there’s a lot to like in this report. “The dietary guidelines are overall very, very good for dairy. They reaffirm the importance in diets. They let you know the nutritional value. They even stress even more importance on the value of the nutrition for young children.”

Bjerga says he’s encouraged by the continued recommendation of three dairy servings a day and the new guidelines for children under two years old, but he would like to see more recognition for the role of dairy fats in a nutritious diet. “Whole milk has really been on a rebound, both in terms of consuming habits and in recognition of its values. And, it was disappointing that the dietary guidelines don’t fully acknowledge that. We really felt that the science is going our way.”

Some groups are critical of the new dietary guidelines.  The Nutrition Coalition and the Low Carb Action Network say the new guidelines address a minority of Americans, excluding the 60% of the population diagnosed with one or more diet-related chronic diseases like heart disease, obesity, or diabetes.