Danone releases expansion plans of regenerative ag program


Danone releases expansion plans of regenerative ag program

Danone North America says it has tripled the acreage involved in its soil health research program.

Vice President of Agriculture Nicholas Camu says the company believes regenerative agriculture is a key solution to tackle climate change and lock carbon in the ground.  He says they plan to take the research collected in the program to increase regenerative agriculture practices and launch a comprehensive financial investment and impact model.

Danone’s soil health program, which currently includes more than 80,000 acres on 35 dairy farms and almond orchards, focuses on soil health, biodiversity, water, carbon and economy & productivity.

Danone also plans to collaboratively establish goals with farmer partners, pilot innovative technologies, launch new tools and programs to encourage greater regenerative management adoption, finance projects to accelerate more impact, and enroll 100,000 acres in program.

The program currently includes farms in 13 states including Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin as well as in Canada.