How to manage derecho-damaged fields in 2021


How to manage derecho-damaged fields in 2021

Farmers and agronomists alike are wondering about the implications of last August’s derecho on affected acres in 2021.

Ryan Dunsbergen with Golden Harvest Seeds tells Brownfield residue management comes to mind when thinking about goosenecked corn that had to be dug under in late summer.

“It’s going to be a difficult concern perhaps, especially in these fields where there was a lot of corn laid over and a lot of corn left behind after harvest. A lot of corn residue.”

He says farmers should expect a colder seed bed at planting if there’s a lot of residue on top.

“The genetics that have good cold tolerance, as well as looking at your seed treatments. How good are your seed treatments toward diseases like pythium and phytophthora, these cooler season diseases that are going to cause a problem.”

Dunsbergen, who covers parts of Iowa and Missouri, says he’s also concerned about volunteer corn being hard to control in fields that sustained damage during the windstorm.