ACE CEO has mixed feelings about Biden climate agenda


ACE CEO has mixed feelings about Biden climate agenda

The CEO of the American Coalition for Ethanol suggests there’s reason for optimism and concern as President-elect Biden unveils his climate agenda.

Brian Jennings tells Brownfield it’s imperative that biofuels be front-and-center during discussions about climate change.

“That is frankly happening right now with the Biden transition, and is going to accelerate as we go into 2021 with the Biden presidency and Congress. There will be multiple pieces of legislation introduced to try and tackle climate change.”

He suggests some forces want to put agriculture and renewable fuels in the category of being part of the climate problem, but Jennings says ACE and others have been diligent in trying to position ag and biofuels as part of the climate solution.

“We can increase the use of ethanol and further reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have to make that case to the Administration, and they have to be open to hearing that case. I think several of them will be, and we’ll do our very best to work with them.”

Jennings says President-elect Biden’s appointments when it comes to the environment and climate show he’s taking climate change very seriously.