Deciphering product performance from plot data


Deciphering product performance from plot data

An agronomist encourages growers to resist the temptation to simply pick the top two or three local plot winners when choosing seed for next year.

Instead, Mike Smith with Stine Seed recommends looking at multiple years of data.

“Because every year is going to be different, so you begin to see how a hybrid responds in different environments.”

He also uses a process he calls cross-referencing.

“So maybe in southwest Missouri where I happen to live, it was wet early and then got dry late. But maybe I look at another area that was dry early and wet late, and compare those same hybrids (and) how they responded in that situation.”

While that can be more time-consuming, Smith tells Brownfield seed companies like Stine research their products over multiple years and multiple environments to help determine the best fit for their customers.