NFU’s Larew encouraged as COVID relief talks continue


NFU’s Larew encouraged as COVID relief talks continue

National Farmers Union president Rob Larew says he’s encouraged as talks continue on another round of COVID relief.

“Even if the talks aren’t occurring directly between the kind of principle leaders of both the House and Senate, this bipartisan group that is formulating an alternative package I think is good news.”

He’s referring to a group of senators who have been negotiating a compromise stimulus package for several weeks.

Larew tells Brownfield the latest proposal includes $13 billion for agriculture.

“We expect and hope to see language a little bit later this week, I’m not sure how many details it will actually have. But I think what this is intended to do is to provide some greater flexibility for USDA as it continues to try to address the disruptions out there in the farm and ag space.”

The plan would also direct $13 billion to nutrition assistance, $10 billion toward broadband, and $7 billion to rural healthcare providers.