Online cheese sales are way up


Online cheese sales are way up

A dairy checkoff marketing officer says the shift in consumer buying patterns because of the coronavirus pandemic has not been all bad for dairy.

Suzanne Fanning with Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin says online cheese sales have gone way up. “We’ve seen triple-digit online sales growth for cheese this year.”

Fanning says retail is also up, and even without data for foodservice dairy product usage, the signs point to overall increased consumption. “We’re hearing that there’s such high demand that they’re having to add some extra shifts on, they’re having to get extra storage space, and extra aging space, so the sales are booming.”

And with the high demand plus holiday shopping, Fanning says it is wise to order gift baskets early. “For some stores that do sales online and also retail sales, they’ve had to shut down some of their retail operations to keep up with all of the demand to get their baskets out the door for the holidays.”

New Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin research shows families have gone from preparing around 50% of their meals at home to around 90% of those meals.  Fanning says one of the top Thanksgiving week recipe searches on the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin website was for macaroni and cheese options.

Suzanne Fanning discusses the sharp increase in online cheese sales with Brownfield’s Larry Lee 12/14/20