“Crazy” is one way MSCA president describes 2020


“Crazy” is one way MSCA president describes 2020

Many farm groups are gathering virtually this month to recap an unforgettable year and discuss plans for 2021.

New president Grant Breitkreutz says the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association held its annual convention the first week of December.

“Crazy would be about the easiest (way to describe 2020). But it’s been unbelievable the rollercoaster rides we’ve taken as an ag industry through this whole COVID deal.”

He tells Brownfield packing plant closures caused a lot of disruptions for livestock producers.

“I guess we’ve made it through it, we know how to handle situations a lot different than we did say in January. And I hope we can continue to produce high quality proteins for the consuming public the way we’re doing it now.”

And the Redwood Falls crop and livestock producer says avoiding packing plant hiccups will be critical in the year ahead.