WRDA close to the finish line


WRDA close to the finish line

The Water Resources Development Act of 2020 is nearing the finish line in Congress.  Missouri Congressman Sam Graves says they’re working quickly, “The House has passed a very good bill out. We’re waiting on the Senate but we have pre-conferenced most of it so it’s truly greased, when we can get that done.”

Missouri Senator Roy Blunt says he’s pushing for a comprehensive plan that prioritizes navigation for the lower Missouri River in the WRDA reauthorization bill.

“Navigation matters. Moving products on the river matters. If you do all of those things in the right way you also really help move water when you’ve got more water there than you have. A 10-foot channel just simply moves more water than a five-foot channel.”

The bill calls for a lower share of funding from the Inland Waterways Trust Fund and turns it into a 50-50 split between the fund and the Treasury Department. If passed, President Trump is expected to sign the WRDA bill.

Graves and Blunt made their comments during the virtual 2020 Missouri Farm Bureau annual meeting.