MU extension trial to test heifer feed efficiency


MU extension trial to test heifer feed efficiency

The University of Missouri Extension’s Southwest Research Center is looking for cattle producers to participate in a feed efficiency trial.

Reagan Bluel with the Southwest Research Center tells Brownfield the project will monitor feed efficiency of yearling aged heifers to provide producers insight into what genetics are the most cost effective.

“It will give them data driven results that will allow them to then explain to other beef producers why their lineage is desirable,” Bluel said.

She said compared to bulls, heifers receive little testing…

“They represent half of your genetic profile of that offspring,” she said. “So, as long as we’ve got an efficient cow, that’s going to make us more efficient as beef producers but then also will generate another calf that is efficient by using that seed stock that’s also been tested.”

The study will track the heifer’s dry matter intake and base efficiency off of rate of gain. All cattle breeds are welcome. Bluel said producers who would like to participate in the trial should call the center at 417-466-2148.

Reagan Bluel Interview