China “bound and determined” to rebuild hog herd


China “bound and determined” to rebuild hog herd

China is heavily invested in rebuilding its hog herd and mitigating the spread of African Swine Fever.

Minnesota Pork CEO David Preisler says there’s a lot of work to be done.

“They are certainly bound and determined to rebuild their swine industry. We’ve seen just recently photos of new facilities that are being built, and built in a way that’s going to be designed around biosecurity.”

He tells Brownfield those facilities are primarily for sows.

“You still have a lot of finishing sites that are very traditional, so we’ll just see how things end up going there. They’ve done a lot to crack down, but I don’t think you get out of this disease quickly or easily.”

Meanwhile, ASF continues to spread throughout Europe.  Preisler says Germany now has more than 180 cases, but he points out all of those are in wild boars.