New COVID funding could be more SNAP focused


New COVID funding could be more SNAP focused

A farm policy specialist says in the event Congress can pass another COVID relief package, he expects most USDA dollars to be nutrition heavy.

Marin Bozic with the University of Minnesota says it would be reckless to bet the farm on additional government support in 2021.

“It would not be surprising to me if most of the money in the new stimulus is allocated to the SNAP Program and CFAP, if it is continued, is nowhere near the levels we have experienced.”

He says some of the leading candidates for the Secretary of Agriculture position under the Biden Administration have expressed their lack of approval for some of the current programs and desire to strengthen nutrition programs which he believes would influence how potential funds are distributed.

During a press call with the Farm Service Agency Friday, Bozic strongly encouraged producers to enroll in the Dairy Margin Coverage Program which he’s forecasting to pay during the majority of next year.