Brazilian weather outlook continues to improve


Brazilian weather outlook continues to improve

The South American weather outlook is improving.

Dr. Michael Cordonnier, president of Soybean and Corn Advisor, tells Brownfield there was a good amount of rainfall in Southern Brazil this past week.

“Probably the best week so far this growing season. They had been very, very dry in Southern Brazil, but this week they got mostly two to three inches across many locations.”

He says while central Brazil saw less rain, the forecast calls for that region to receive more moisture soon.

“And the soybeans in Brazil right now are maybe 90, 95 percent planted, and this rain will help the guys in Southern Brazil finish the planting. Only leaving Northeastern Brazil left to plant.”

Cordonnier says even though weather has improved for Brazilian farmers, he does not consider this a normal rainy season and suggests La Nina conditions could cause problems toward the end of the growing season.