MO Soybean and MO Corn to be in carbon market pilot next year


MO Soybean and MO Corn to be in carbon market pilot next year

The Missouri Soybean Association and Missouri Corn Growers Association are launching a pilot program into carbon markets next year.

Darrick Steen, director of environmental programs for both groups says they’ll partner with the EcoSystems Services Market Consortium (ESMC), a national non-profit voluntary program to sell carbon and water quality and quantity credits for the ag sector.

“From ESMC’s standpoint, the intent of the pilot is really to just help test out some of their protocols, build some education around the program and the opportunities that are there for growers in Missouri.”

And with that, Steen says there are specific goals for the Missouri groups including educating growers, evaluating the potential value, and policy and economic drivers.

“Our growers are certainly very interested and somewhat concerned, I think, around the policy around climate and carbon. So, I think, one way to influence that is to be involved and actually get our feet wet doing it so that’s certainly important.”

ESMC’s goal is to launch a market program in 2022.