Variability in corn belt seen as harvest wraps up


Variability in corn belt seen as harvest wraps up

Harvest is mostly wrapped up in the Midwest and Wyffels Product Marketing Manager Mitch Heisler says he’s seen a lot of variability this season.

“Even from one side of the corn belt to the other,” he says. “…If you’re in the west in Iowa and Minnesota and South Dakota there were places there that saw some extreme drought throughout the season so if we had anything that sacrificed our root system or compaction that really showed up in areas that were low on water.”

He says parts of the eastern corn belt had the opposite problem with excess moisture.

“In the east we had a challenging spring, a very wet spring, that I think we started to see the effects of some lower ear counts that we didn’t pick up on,” he says. “Those lower ear counts ultimately are going to knock a little bit off the top end of our yield.”

Speaking to Brownfield during NAFB Trade Talk, Heisler says disease pressure was relatively low in many areas this year.