Domestic pork sales boosted by pandemic


Domestic pork sales boosted by pandemic

The National Pork Board’s vice president of domestic marketing says a lot of consumers are buying pork during the COVID-19 pandemic that hadn’t in the previous year. Angie Krieger tells Brownfield the domestic market for pork has jumped in that time.

“We have seen the category [domestic sales] be up double-digit percentages early on and we’re still seeing gains verses last year as late as last month,” she said.

Krieger said holiday pork sales will also look different as the pandemic limits large celebrations.

“But people are still going to want that feeling of the holidays and making that special meal and, in some cases, they’ll be doing it for the first time,” Krieger said. “Because maybe they always went to mom’s or they always went to grandma’s and she was the on preparing the ham.”

She said she expects smaller hams and ham steaks to be more popular this year because of smaller gatherings.

Krieger said NPB will provide pork consumers cooking resources for the holidays. Krieger spoke with Brownfield at the National Association of Farm Broadcasting’s virtual trade talk.

Meghan Grebner contributed to this article.

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