Corn on corn acres face high stress in 2020


Corn on corn acres face high stress in 2020

A Pioneer field agronomist says many corn on corn acres did not fare well in 2020.

Jeff Lafrenz in southeast Iowa says weather was a big factor.

“We were exceptionally dry in late July through August and early September and that is the second half of the grain fill period for corn. It really comes down to just not having enough water to finish the job.”

He says in some areas the yield loss was significant.

“The yield difference that I see this year can be from 30 to 100 bushels per acre. The 30 bushels is if you caught just a little bit more water and the 100 bushels might be in areas where it was extremely dry especially during that August time frame.”

To better manage those acres in the future Lafrenz recommends placing corn on corn in more productive soils, ensuring good corn root worm control and enough nitrogen as well as applying a foliar fungicide.

Interview with Jeff Lafrenz

Click here for a video summary of Lafrenz’s observation of corn on corn this year.