NCBA expects Biden to take a ‘moderate’ approach on ag issues


NCBA expects Biden to take a ‘moderate’ approach on ag issues

One of the interesting post-election discussions taking place in the nation’s capital is how much influence the progressive wing of the Democratic Party will have on the new administration’s cabinet picks and policy.

Ethan Lane with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association thinks presumptive President-Elect Biden will be forced to take a more moderate approach, given the closeness of the presidential election and Republican gains in the House of Representatives.

“The election results being what they were, incoming President-Elect Biden has a real challenge on his hands to balance the message that was sent,” Lane says. “It speaks to the fact that the American people weren’t necessarily dissatisfied with a lot of the actions we saw over the last four years. They may have been less than satisfied—some of them—with the person delivering those actions. And we did see that split in voters.”

Lane says regulations and trade will continue to be top priorities for NCBA.  He says they will also be watching the development of the Biden’s climate policy.

Lane made his comments in an interview with Brownfield during the virtual National Association of Farm Broadcasting convention.

Brownfield’s Meghan Greber contributed to this story.