NCGA sustainability efforts continue


NCGA sustainability efforts continue

The National Corn Growers Association continues to ramp up its sustainability efforts.

During the last four years, NCGA has completed a full assessment of its checkoff-funded initiatives. The latest assessment looked at what growers at the state and national level are doing to implement sustainability practices.

NCGA CEO Jon Doggett, speaking during Field to Market’s Fall Plenary and General Assembly meeting, says the organization is working to address climate challenges in a way that adds value for corn producers and enhances productivity.

Doggett says improvements were made possible by NCGA’s Climate Task Force, that made sustainability recommendations and the Corn Sustainability Advisory Group that is carrying out those recommendation.

He says the groups affirm NCGA’s commitment to collaborate with partners to improve sustainability for export markets, ethanol markets, feed industry and livestock partners, and the corn processing sector.

NCGA will release its Corn Sustainability Report and Environmental Sustainability Goals in early 2021.