Analyzing trade under a Biden Administration


Analyzing trade under a Biden Administration

Many in the ag industry are wondering how key trade policies might change under a Biden administration.

Michael Torrey, founder of Michael Torrey Associates says he expects more of a change in tactics than in policy, especially with China.

“I think they’ll push, but I think they are going to be more collaborative with our international partners on how they approach that. I think clearly they are going to take a fresh look at what has been done knowing that American agriculture needs that market.”

Jay Truitt with Policy Solutions says the hard work has been done when it comes to ag trade with China.

“We have really opened up those markets in a big way. There are really no words to describe what’s been going on with pork trade there- it has been phenomenal. I don’t think there is much a Biden administration would do to harm that.”

Some anticipate Biden will change from President Trump’s bilateral trade approach to a multilateral plan. Truitt says if Biden wants to be successful, he will have to approach some trade deals, like with the UK, one on one.

Torrey and Truitt made their comments during the virtual convention of the National Association of Farm Broadcasting.