Ag trade outlook with new administration


Ag trade outlook with new administration

Ag Policy Professor Ian Sheldon with Ohio State University expects several changes to ag trade policy under a new administration.

“In terms of tariffs, I think we’re most likely to see a more targeted use of tariffs with specific focus where there is violation of trade rules by our trading partners,” he says.  

He says presumed President Elect Joe Biden is expected to support WTO reform.

“I think you’ll see the administration focus much more on support for reforms to WTO rules and that the US may well be seeking leadership in setting those trade rules,” he says.  

Sheldon says he believes Biden would continue to push for a coalition with partners like the European Union and Japan to set trade rules and address intellectual property practices and forced technology transfers by China.

Speaking during the OSU Ag Policy and Outlook Conference, Sheldon says he also anticipates the administration push to resolve the US-EU trade dispute over subsidies to airplane manufacturers Boeing and Airbus.