Relief ahead for dry areas of Midwest


Relief ahead for dry areas of Midwest

With dryness and drought on the minds of farmers in the western corn belt and plains, many are asking if there will be any relief soon.

Brownfield Meteorologist Greg Soulje says…

“Actually, yes there is. There is significant relief and it will be of the non-frozen variety, so some rain ahead for the central and southern plains- the worst drought areas, the western corn belt and there are even parts of central Illinois and Indiana that are certainly clamoring for additional rainfall, even there too.”

He says those rain systems should arrive by Thanksgiving.

“So there should be perhaps even a categorical improvement or two on dryness and drought issues in a fair amount of the central and southern plains and more so corn belt locals over the next two to three weeks.”

He says there will also be more record setting warmth in the coming days with mild air the remainder of the month.

Comments from an interview with Greg Soulje