Progressives push Biden not to let Heitkamp lead USDA


Progressives push Biden not to let Heitkamp lead USDA

Presumed President Elect Joe Biden is getting pressure from progressive groups that don’t want Heidi Heitkamp as the next Agriculture Secretary.  More than 160 groups including Family Farm Action and Friends of the Earth sent a letter to Biden saying the former North Dakota Senator accepted campaign donations from large agribusiness companies, the fossil fuels industry, and led legislation that eased farm regulations, thwarted progress on climate change, and aided concentration in the ag sector.

The group says choosing Heitkamp as the ag secretary would enable the continuation of Trump-era food and farm policies, boost corporate agribusiness, and jeopardize Biden’s climate goals.

The group was also critical of Heitkamp for supporting expanded checkoff marketing programs without supporting an amendment calling for more checkoff transparency.

The letter to Biden calls for selecting a USDA Secretary they “can fully trust to deliver a healthy, just, and sustainable food system.”