Biden trade approach taking shape


Biden trade approach taking shape

The trade approach of presumed President-elect Joe Biden is beginning to take shape.

Speaking to reporters Monday, Biden said he won’t pursue a punitive trade policy but that he’s going to invest in American workers to make them more competitive.

Minnesota Farmers Union president Gary Wertish tells Brownfield he believes the Biden Administration will bring stability.

“And the willingness to work with other countries to work on trade deals. President Trump had a ‘go it alone” approach, he wanted to be viewed as a strong leader and do it all by himself. And Farmers Union raised concerns about that all along.”

President Trump took a bilateral trade approach whereas Wertish expects Biden to work multilaterally with other countries.

He says that could lead to the U.S. being a part of the recently announced Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership that includes China and 14 other Asian and Pacific nations.

“If we’re able to get included in that, it has to work for us and work for our farmers and our country. But right now we’re on the outside looking in, so that’s not a good position to be in either.”

Biden also told reporters labor unions and environmentalists will be at the table when he’s negotiating any new trade deals.