Colder, wetter conditions slow Wisconsin fieldwork


Colder, wetter conditions slow Wisconsin fieldwork

Rain, snow, wind, and colder temperatures hindered field work for Wisconsin farmers last week.  USDA reporters say rain and snowmelt softened fields and raised grain moistures, stalling harvest progress.  Rainfall ranged from three-quarters of an inch to more than three inches in the week ending Sunday.

Topsoil moisture is now 78% adequate and 13% surplus.  Subsoil moistures are 78% adequate and 10% surplus.

There were some reports of soybean straw and corn stalks being baled for bedding, but the USDA says farmers might have to wait for the muddy fields to freeze before finishing the corn harvest.

Wisconsin’s corn for grain harvest is 87% finished, which is about 16 days ahead of average.  Last week’s average corn moisture at harvest was 18%.

Soybeans are almost done with 98% of the crop in the bins about 23 days ahead of average.

Ninety-three percent of winter wheat has emerged, and 82% of the wheat crop is in good to excellent condition. Wisconsin’s fall tillage is also ahead of average with 68% of the work finished.