Nutrien Ag Solutions looking to 2021 and beyond


Nutrien Ag Solutions looking to 2021 and beyond

Nutrien Ag Solutions recently held a virtual roundtable to provide updates on their plans for the future. The panelists touched on several topics focused on improvements for Nutrien and their customers.

Digital Tools from Nutrien Ag solutions to Stay Ahead in 2021

Rob Dunlop, Vice President of Innovation and Technology Adoption highlights their goals for the next five to fifteen years. He focuses on how automation and data science will impact agriculture moving forward and how Nutrien is investing in those technologies for customers.

Planning for the 2021 Growing Season with the Latest Products and Expertise at Nutrien Ag Solutions

Jesse Hamonic, Senior Director of Commercial Execution focuses on how Nutrien is working with farmers on plans for this fall, winter and next spring to set the foundation for a successful 2021 growing year. Hamonic touches on profitability, the complexity and flexibility of product choice and how to do these things safely during COVID-19.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Programs for a Sustainable Future

Sarah Fox, Director for Strategic Partnerships of Sustainable Agriculture breaks down the true meaning of sustainability in a simple message highlighting why sustainability is the “golden rule” for the company. Fox also outlines their sustainability goals focused on soil health, water quality and quantity, greenhouse gas emissions, traceability and grower return on investment.

Nutrien Ag Solutions Working with Weather Data

Principal Atmospheric Scientist Eric Snodgrass discussed the importance of his role in the future for Nutrien and encouraged farmers to follow Nutrien Ag Solutions Ag forecast updates to help make more informed decisions for their operations. The technology Snodgrass works with helps better track weather events like tropical storms, derechos and La Nina patterns to helps farmers manage weather risks ahead of time.