National Milk Producers confident in Ag Committee changes


National Milk Producers confident in Ag Committee changes

The National Milk Producers Federation’s government relations leader is not concerned about the upcoming changes in the House and Senate Ag Committees. Senior Vice President Paul Bleiberg says, “I think we’ll be able to work productively no matter who the leads are.”

Bleiberg tells Brownfield all but Debbie Stabenow on the Senate Ag Committee are gone, and with the defeat of House Ag Committee Chair Collin Peterson in Minnesota, it’s a mystery who will lead the committee. “The House Ag Committee, both Republican and Democratic, there are a number of different contenders there that will be playing out. Obviously, on the Republican side, B.G. Thompson would be somebody who’s great on the dairy side. There’s a number of people on the Democratic side that would be very helpful, but we just don’t know yet.”

Bleiberg says like everyone else he is anxious to see the final election results but, “Just sit tight and wait a little bit. I know people are anxious for the election season to be over and really want to get answers, but unfortunately, just given the nature of voting compounded by the unique year we’re in with the high number of votes that didn’t occur yesterday, we’ll just have to take some time and let the process play out.”