Dairy cooperative shares post-election priorities


Dairy cooperative shares post-election priorities

A dairy cooperative spokesperson says regardless of how the elections turn out, their priorities in Washington remain the same. Julie Sweney with FarmFirst Cooperative says, “Once we’re able to get through passing the necessary legislation to keep businesses bustling, we would want to focus our attention on expanding trade opportunities and enforcing the dairy standards of identity.”

Sweney tells Brownfield her members would also like to see lawmakers focus on ag labor reform, which has been brought up numerous times in the past. “For our industry to continue, we need some sort of reliability in how that can function, so, the agriculture industry as a whole would really like to see that move forward.”

And as for the retirement of Senate Ag Committee chair Pat Roberts and the possibility of a new House Ag Committee chair, “We hope that whoever serves in that leadership position will be able to understand the needs for dairy and be friendly to them when it comes to regulation.”

Sweney says current House Ag Committee Chairman Collin Peterson has been very helpful to the dairy industry.

And, regardless of which party wins the White House or control of Congress, “It’s not red or blue. It’s all about getting it done and making sure at the end of the day, that the best needs of dairy farmers are met.”