New dicamba guidelines mean more time & expense for growers


New dicamba guidelines mean more time & expense for growers

A weed scientist says it’s good to have dicamba re-registered and available for the 2021 growing season, but it will mean more effort and expense for growers.

Rodrigo Werle with the University of Wisconsin tells Brownfield some of the required pH balancing agent is already in dicamba jugs, but not enough to meet the new label restrictions. He says, “You’re going to have to buy the extra agent on top of that, so it’s not going to come in the same dicamba jug.”

Werle says unfortunately for growers, this means an added cost. “There is not a solid price. My understanding is that it has to affordable, otherwise our growers are going to go away from it, but it’s probably going to be a couple of dollars extra on a per-acre basis.”

And, Werle says when mixing dicamba, the products must me mixed in a certain order. “(The) pH buffers go in first. Then you bring your dicamba, and lastly, your glyphosate.”

Werle says the June 30th cutoff date won’t be a concern, especially if growers have a good pre-emergence plan and plant their soybeans as early as possible.