Campaigns talk trade ahead of the election


Campaigns talk trade ahead of the election

Both the Trump and Biden campaigns have been talking trade in the final moments ahead of Election Day.

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says President Trump has successfully negotiated several bilateral trade deals during his first term and presumes a Biden Administration would negotiate multi-laterally.  “Which means we’re going to be compromising our position on trade with anywhere from TPP, and twelve countries, or with another WTO round,” he says.  “The President likes to negotiate bilaterally and I think we get better deals when we do that.”

He tells Brownfield President Trump has shown farmers he cares about them by striking deals with China, Canada, Mexico, and Japan.  And if Trump is re-elected, Grassley is confident about a free trade agreement with the UK.

AUDIO: Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley

Former North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp says a Biden Administration is committed to trade.  “Vice President Biden understands how critical reestablishing economic markets for our commodity prices is to being successful on the farm,” she says.  “And how we can expand those markets going forward.”

She tells Brownfield the fight with China isn’t over.  “We need to once again establish the kinds of relationships that will take to push back against China,” she says.  “This go-it-alone strategy isn’t working.”

AUDIO: Former ND Senator Heidi Heitkamp