NMPF says 2020 could have been an even greater disaster


NMPF says 2020 could have been an even greater disaster

The Chairman of the National Milk Producers Federation says 2020 could have been significantly worse for the dairy industry had they not pivoted efforts during the height of the pandemic.

“We could have had hundreds and maybe even thousands of dairy farmers go bankrupt during this time period—I think it could have been that bad.”

Randy Mooney says at the start of the year Dean Foods and Borden’s had followed for bankruptcy leaving up to 30 percent of the milk supply in dire stress, adding in the loss of food service in the spring eliminated 20 percent of markets overnight

“One percent swings, either way, can have drastic effects on our price, and we’ve got 40 percent of our milk supply, our normal sales channels, that’s disrupted—that’s a disaster.”

He says NMPF worked to make sure Congress knew what farmers needed including maximizing payment limits for the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program, allowing payments to farmers who forward contracted this year, and helping farms be included in the Paycheck Protection Program.

Mooney made his comments during their virtual annual meeting this week.