Grassley calls proposed electric car mandate ‘ridiculous’


Grassley calls proposed electric car mandate ‘ridiculous’

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says legislation mandating that only electric vehicles can sold in the U.S. by the year 2035 is a “ridiculous” idea.  

“There’s no doubt that Americans will want to choose electric cars in the future,” Grassley says. “But a mandate by the government is something entirely different than Americans voluntarily choosing it.”

Grassley says the Zero-Emissions Vehicles Act introduced in the Senate would eliminate the need for ethanol and biodiesel and devastate the ag economy.

“If these Democrats really wanted to reduce emissions, they would be looking for ways to do it by increasing the amount of biofuels in our transportation system—not by eliminating these clean-burning products.”

Grassley, in a conference call with ag reporters, called the proposal “an extreme government overreach” that would strip away consumer choice “while destroying opportunities for rural America”.

AUDIO: Excerpts from Grassley’s conference call with ag reporters