Wisconsin soybean leader likes EPA’s dicamba decision


Wisconsin soybean leader likes EPA’s dicamba decision

The President of the Wisconsin Soybean Board is pleased with EPA’s decision to re-register dicamba for the next five years. Tony Mellenthin farms near Menomonie, Wisconsin. He tells Brownfield, “We knew that EPA was going to make a decision. Not only are we thankful that EPA ruled with science, you know, something that farmers consistently talk about whether it’s the general public or government bodies, is to look at the science and decide on that, but they also did it in a very timely fashion.”

Mellenthin tells Brownfield EPA’s timing of the decision certainly helps farmers making decisions now about the 2021 growing season. “A lot of farmers are either making seed plans, have them made, or are thinking about them, but it’s still plenty early for farmers now to decide what they want to do, what they’re most comfortable with on their farm, and it’s not going to do with what the government allows us.”

When asked if he’s concerned about new lawsuits aimed at stopping the use of dicamba, Mellenthin says he was pleased with how EPA and state ag officials handled the aftermath of the 9th Circuit Court decision allowing existing stocks to be used and expects a similar response if new lawsuits are successful.