First commercial shipment of rice unloaded in China


First commercial shipment of rice unloaded in China

The first shipment of US-grown rice has been unloaded in China.  The US Rice Federation says establishing a two-way trading relationship with China has taken more than a decade of regulatory and political work.

The premium, medium grain Calrose rice was grown in California and sold by ADM Rice to a private importer for retail distribution.

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of rice and the second largest importer.

Bobby Hanks, chair of both USA Rice and the USA Rice International Trade Policy Committee says they’re pleased to see the first shipment of US-grown rice to China following the US-China Phase One Agreement earlier this year.  He says they hope to see more private and government purchases and says the US is well-positioned to help fill some of the import demand in China moving forward. 

Under the terms of the phytosanitary agreement reached between the two countries, all rice entering China must be milled and packages according to specifications and originate from a pre-approved export facility.  There are currently 32 approved export facilities spread across the six major rice-growing states.