Illinois ag groups promote renewable fuels for cleaner air


Illinois ag groups promote renewable fuels for cleaner air

Illinois ag groups are working to make renewable fuels a part of the state’s climate change mitigation plans.

Illinois Soybean Association Chairman Doug Schroeder tells Brownfield they teamed up with the Illinois Corn Growers Association, Illinois Farm Bureau and renewable energy groups for a presentation to Governor Pritzker’s clean air task force, where they highlighted the benefits of ethanol and biodiesel in comparison to electric cars.

“To get to electrification of cars in the state of Illinois would take a multi-year build out. But, higher standards of biofuels, that is a win the state of Illinois could have today.”

Schroeder says he hopes the administration understands that higher blends of renewable fuels would provide environmental improvements while benefiting multiple industries within the state.

“It’s a win for the congested suburban areas where air quality is an issue; it’s a win for the renewable energy groups of Illinois; and it’s obviously a win for farmers because we will have more demand. We grow it here, we refine it here, and we use it here.”

Fellow ISA board member and farmer Ron Kindred says biodiesel means 63 cents a bushel in price for soybean farmers right now and if the blend increases, it could mean as much as $1.00 per bushel.

“That’s a market worth trying to protect and keep.”

In his plan for a clean and renewable economy Governor Pritzker has proposed to increase the adoption of electric vehicles in the state to 750,000 by 2030 and to decarbonize fuels during the transition to electrification.

Comments from an interview with Doug Schroeder
Comments from an interview with Ron Kindred