Farmer sprints through 2020 harvest


Farmer sprints through 2020 harvest

Central Illinois corn and soybean farmer Doug Schroeder finished harvest on October 20th.

“It was just a sprint from day one to the finish. We didn’t have much rain at all and it was a lot of hot, dry, windy days that really dried everything out.”

Schroeder who also serves as Chairman of the Illinois Soybean Association says those conditions overdried their soybean crop.

“Too many beans were combined at 9-10% moisture, so we lost quite a bit of yield there. But, It did allow us to run almost every day all fall and that is why we are about ten days ahead of schedule.”

He tells Brownfield they plan to use the extra time to work on their drainage tile system which will allow for earlier planting, a longer growing season and improve soil health.

Comments from an interview with Doug Schroeder