Red meat, poultry stocks below year ago levels


Red meat, poultry stocks below year ago levels

The USDA says red meat in cold storage at the end of September was up on the month, but down on the year, indicating good demand despite record monthly production.

The red meat total was 968.392 million pounds, 1% more than at the end of August and down 13% from a year ago, with beef at 461.987 million pounds, 3% more than the month before and 3% lower than last year, and pork at 466.474 million pounds, a little bit above the previous month and a decrease of 22% from September 2019. Pork did include a record monthly high for bone-in and total loins.

Poultry in cold storage totaled 1.401 billion pounds, a decline of 2% on the month and 3% on the year, with chicken at 889.765 million pounds, 1% above the end of August and 3% below last year, and turkey at 505.825 million pounds, down 5% on the month and 4% on the year.

The USDA’s next set of protein production estimates is out November 10th.