Illinois farmer taking advantage of commodity prices


Illinois farmer taking advantage of commodity prices

A central Illinois farmer is accepting the opportunity to lock in a profit for both corn and soybeans with current commodity prices.

Ron Kindred, the District 9 Director for the Illinois Soybean Association farms near Atlanta, IL.He says at his local elevator corn is at $3.85 and soybeans are at $10.50.

“It’s been a while since we’ve sold $10 beans. I have a good friend who is a commodity broker and he says don’t sell all of them because he thinks it’s going to go higher yet on the soybean side so maybe it will carry corn with it too.”

Kindred says he is careful to calculate his budget with no income from government assistance like MFP and CFAP.

“You just can’t count on that because it is ad hoc, and you don’t know whether it is going to be there or not.”

He says lower fertilizer prices have also been a nice reprieve when budgeting for the 2021 crop.

Comments from an interview with Ron Kindred