Iowa farmer able to put equipment away for the season


Iowa farmer able to put equipment away for the season

A corn and soybean farmer who strip-tills and uses cover crops is putting his equipment away for the season.

Wayne Fredericks of Osage in north-central Iowa says his cover crop that was flown into standing corn around the end of August looks very good.

“We had some timely rainfall after that aerial application, so that rye is six to eight inches tall. And now that the corn crop has been harvested and you get more sunlight to it, that’s going to grow pretty aggressively here yet this fall.” 

Speaking to Brownfield Tuesday, he says his cereal rye was drilled into soybean stubble right behind the combine.

“And right behind those guys came the strip-till. So all of our cover crop is in, and some of what was drilled behind soybeans is already up. All of our strip-till is done, so I was putting equipment away yesterday.”

Fredericks, an American Soybean Association director, finished harvesting corn last Friday and soybeans the week before.  He says while dryness showed up in yields, the crops did better than average.