CFRA says local processing bill boosts economic opportunity


CFRA says local processing bill boosts economic opportunity

The Center for Rural Affairs based in Nebraska helped craft a bill introduced in the U.S. House that would boost local meat processing and economic opportunities in rural areas.

The center’s Johnathan Hladik says everybody wins with a proposal like the bipartisan Strengthening Local Processing Act, “You have the processor who can do much more business. You have the farmer who can get a premium for their animals. You’re going to make more money selling your animal direct to the consumer than you are bringing it to a Tyson or a Cargill.”

He says it’ll be a boost to producers’ return on investment, “You know, for all those cattle guys who have invested so much in genetics – and I know that’s happening on the pork side as well – you’ve got a lot of money in a good quality animal. A lot of money and great quality meat.”

The large processor slowdowns caused by the pandemic shifted consumer demand to more local processors – who Vladik says need help in meeting those demands. He says the bill would expand overall processing capacity in the U.S. while assisting smaller operations through grants.

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