Nestle commits to Net Zero Initiative


Nestle commits to Net Zero Initiative

Nestle is investing up $10 million over the next five year to help the dairy industry reduce carbon emissions from the field and farm.

Krysta Harden with Dairy Management Inc. says Nestle is a legacy partner of the dairy checkoff and is hopefully the first of many to support their Net Zero Initiative.

“Through foundational research, on-farm pilots, and help us develop new product markets.”

She says farmers feel a responsible to consumers not only to provide a nutritious product but to also be an environmental solution.

“All of agriculture is having these conversations, we may just be a little ahead of others.”

During a call with reporters, officials said others are interested in supporting the initiative representing financial and tech sectors.  Pilot farms are expected to be selected in the next year which encompass the diversity of scale and location of dairies across the U.S.