Field fires a concern during dry and windy #Harvest20


Field fires a concern during dry and windy #Harvest20

U.S. National Weather Service photo of burn scars after multiple wild fires near Lake Benton, Minnesota October 11th

Field fires have been breaking out across the Corn Belt in recent weeks.

Southwest Minnesota farmer Bob Worth says it’s been dry and blustery with winds gusting over 50 miles per hour at times.

“We actually shut down the machines because we run chopping corn heads, and if such a thing (like) hitting a rock that threw a spark, there’d be fire and you wouldn’t be able to contain it at all.”

He tells Brownfield they have their chisel plow nearby just in case.

“It’s a little scary.”

And Worth says his community had a very close call last week when the wind was blowing hard out of the south.

“A fire got started and came extremely close to the city of Lake Benton. We were probably in a matter of feet from the nearest house when they got it under control.”

Worth says he can’t thank volunteer firefighters enough as three departments worked together to put out that fire.