NOAA’s winter outlook shows ECB could be wetter, WCB could be drier


NOAA’s winter outlook shows ECB could be wetter, WCB could be drier

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) released its winter weather outlook on Thursday.

Dennis Todey, director of the USDA’s Midwest Climate Hub, says the precipitation map shows the Eastern Corn Belt could be wetter than normal.

“They have an increased chance of precipitation, especially later in the winter,” Todey says. “So their chances for getting soil moisture recovery are probably better and less concern about some of the soils there.”

But Todey says the precipitation outlook for the Western Corn Belt is less favorable.

“In central and western Iowa, out to Nebraska, maybe part of South Dakota and Kansas, you have a better chance of drier conditions,” he says.

And with soils that are already very dry in those areas…

“The probability of dry soils as we get into next spring certainly is there. I would not discount that for anyone in that area.”

NOAA’s forecast shows wetter-than-normal conditions are also possible in Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern South Dakota. Temperatures are expected to be fairly normal across much of the Midwest.

NOAA says with a La Nina climate pattern in place, the southern tier of the U.S. may experience expanded and intensifying drought during the winter months ahead.

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