Corn, Soy, Pork partnership ongoing


Corn, Soy, Pork partnership ongoing

The VP of production sustainability with the National Corn Growers Association says progress continues on a feed sustainability blueprint partnership project.

Nathan Fields tells Brownfield for the past two years corn growers have been collaborating with the American Soybean Association and National Pork Board to minimize the environmental footprint of feed.

“It’s defining the framework of a more robust, more sustainable supply shed looks like for some hog operations.”

He says they’d like to see the sustainability of corn improve and this cooperation will take that even further through the supply chain.

“We’re trying to show continuous improvement, sustained improvement on our footprint so we can increase that marketability, not just of corn but of all of those downstream ag products that make a much more robust, stable food supply.”

Fields expects to release some of the findings as part of a corn sustainability report in early 2021.